1) JAMZ Has Been Producing Camps for More than a Decade

From booking a facility to customizing your camp curriculum, JAMZ understands what it takes to create a successful camp.  We're here to educate coaches and athletes on safety, technique and rules...and we do it with a passion!  We love this sport! 

2) JAMZ Focuses on Technique

We check stunt grips, body positions, you name it!  We make sure you have the tools you need to take home the material and perfect it. 

3) JAMZ Knows How to Have Fun!

JAMZ takes training seriously, but we also make learning fun!  We believe in motivating coaches and athletes and building team confidence!

4) JAMZ Staff are Talented and Caring

Our staff come from nationally-ranked all-star, high school and college programs.  But best of all, they love working with kids and understand the needs of each age level.

5) JAMZ Has Lived It!

All of us at JAMZ have either cheered, danced or coached at the youth and school levels....if not all of the above!  We understand the demands on coaches and athletes and what you need to advance your team.  We're not just a brand, JAMZ is a lifestyle.  But more importantly, we're a family.  We're not just here on the day(s) you attend our events, we're here to help when you need it.  We've been there!
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