David Nathan-Allen Sims

Since 2008, David has held the position of JAMZ Legal Counsel and Advisor.  In February, 2014, JAMZ recently appointed him as Vice President of Business Development.  David is a graduate of Wake Forest University, N.C. State University and the University of San Francisco.  He is a practicing litigation attorney in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  David started his cheerleading career at Wake Forest, was the first assistant coach at Cheer Extreme Allstars in Kenersville, NC (1997-2000), and was a member of the NCA Collegiate Grand National Champions at NC State in 2001.  David has been a leading judge and advisor in the cheerleading industry for more than 14 years.  In addition to his role as primary legal authority at JAMZ and YCADA, USASF committee member for Rules, Sanctioning and Worlds Advisory Boards, final determination on Rules and Scoring, counsel to JAMZ executives regarding company procedures and regulations, David also leads expansion into all of JAMZ current market segments. 

For rules-related issues, you can reach David at david@jamz.com.