Nicole Larsen

Nicole Larsen has 20 years experience in the cheer industry and 13 years judging local, regional and national championships for youth, all-star and high school. She has over 10 years experience as a Head Rules Judge for JAMZ Nationals and 3 years as a Rules Judge for Pop Warner Nationals. She was an NCA Instructor for 4 years, member of the USASF World Rules Committee for 3 years, and has held multiple roles at JAMZ including Cheer Program Director to Director of Marketing. Nicole graduated with a Masters in Marketing from Pepperdine University and is now the current owner of a graphic design and marketing firm, Busy Ave, LLC. , providing marketing and design services to numerous clients. She's worked on Fortune 500 accounts with top-level ad agencies and worked in marketing at toymaker Mattel. With over 14 years marketing experience, her primary focus has been marketing to kids, tweens and teens in the youth market. JAMZ has been one of her favorite accounts to work on over the past 7 years. When Nicole isn't immersed in the day-to-day marketing operations at JAMZ, she loves fishing, hiking, watching NFL football, and spending time with her family. For press or marketing-related issues, you can contact Nicole at