School Championship Guide


These guidelines apply to all School Cheer & Dance divisions.

TO COMPETE IN a "school" division teams must:

  • Include only students of the school who are designated as members of the school’s spirit squad(s). An eligible team member is one who has not graduated and is eligible to compete for a designated school according to that state’s school association and/or the local board of education.
  • School divisions are determined by the team member in the highest grade level.
  • The participant’s grade level will be based on the academic year in which the championship takes place and shall be the participant’s grade level through JAMZ Nationals 2017.


New for 2016-2017!

  • Coaches will enter the names of all competing athletes in JAMZ online registration system.
  • No additional high school roster will be mandated.
  • High School teams are required to qualify for JAMZ Nationals at a regional event. If a JAMZ Regional is not within 100 miles, a team may qualify via score sheet or video submission.
  • Coaches are allowed to update their roster by adding athletes as the season progresses.
  • Coaches are required to guarantee that all athletes are students of the school they are representing.


At JAMZ all teams must ensure that all their performance music complies with US copyright laws. JAMZ does not require teams to use a specific music provider or producer, but it is the responsibility of each individual team to ensure their own US Copyright law compliance.

There are several music providers like that can provide teams music which is in compliance with US Copyright laws and can grant a license as proof of compliance. Teams that have questions regarding whether their music is in compliance with copyright laws should seek counsel and advice from their music provider, music producer and/or relevant knowledgeable legal counsel.

The use of music in the sport of cheer leading is a very small component of the total routine elements. While teams may choose to incorporate music in their cheer leading routines, there are teams who choose to incorporate NO music - beats only, a small segment of music or all music. Regardless, the use of music or lack thereof does not define a cheer leading routine.


Levels 1, 2, 3.1 and 3 (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite) have been created to provide safety and convenience for teams who may perform at a different skill level than others. Coaches must consider tumbling and stunting abilities when choosing the level in which their team will perform. Please refer to the JAMZ School Cheer Routine Guidelines, Scoring Guidelines, General Safety Rules, Penalty Info and Scoring Grids for routine requirements and specifications on skills that are allowed and restricted in each level.


In order to provide accessibility to teams who compete at various companies and event producers throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, Washington, JAMZ has formulated their rules in compliance with AACCA and NFHS Guidelines so teams have to perform minimal changes when competing at both JAMZ events and other event producers within California. Therefore JAMZ will be following all rules in the 2016 - 2017 AACCA High School Cheerleading Safety Rules. However, further restrictions do apply regarding the Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.1, Sideline Performance Cheer, and Show Cheer Non-Tumble divisions. Please review these rules carefully.


ALL COACHES AND ADVISORS should be aware that level rules, dance rules and general safety violations are judged live by the rules judge on site during a live competition. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a rules judge to 100% detect all violations during a competition day just as it is impossible for officials/referees to detect all violations in other sports. Just because a team has attended a prior JAMZ event, competition, Nationals, regional, or camp and that team’s skills or routine received no deductions does not mean that the routine is LEGAL or violation free for that Division or Level. The ONLY way a team can GUARANTEE that their routine is Level Rules, Dance Rules or Safety Rules Violation Free is to email their skills or routines to and ask for a rules determination. JAMZ WILL NOT withdraw any rules violations at a present event because a rules judge at a prior competition, regional, championship, camp or event failed to detect or discover the violation at the previous event. It is the responsibility of ALL Coaches to ensure their routines are free of Level and Safety Rules Violations and the only way to accomplish such is by emailing their skills and/or routine to for a rules determination.


Cheer: Please be aware that all JAMZ Divisions and Levels are created to allow for proper progression in the learning of cheerleading skills, stunts, tosses, pyramids, dismounts, inversions, release moves, tumbling, and jumps. Nevertheless, some divisions allow skills that may allow for advanced progression over the previous level or division. Coaches and advisors should only have cheerleaders perform skills that they have mastered through proper progression and
practice even though a division or level may allow a skill that is more advanced than the capabilities of the cheerleader or group.

Dance: JAMZ dance divisions and categories allow for progression within skills, choreography and tricks. Coaches and advisors should only have dancers perform skills that they have mastered through proper progression and practice even though a division and/or category may allow a skill that is more advanced than the capabilities of an individual or group.


JAMZ RESERVES THE RIGHT TO COMBINE/DELETE DIVISIONS BASED ON PARTICIPATION. All divisions listed are not available at every Regional Championship. For the divisions offered for each event, please visit (Note: there are additional separate registration forms for Six Flags events.) For teams registering in upper level School Cheer divisions: If there is a lack of participation in your selected division, your team may be asked to omit the element(s) allowed under the upper level School Cheer divisions to move to a lower division. Example: The 360 twisting toss allowed in Level 3 must be modified to a toe touch to abide by Schools Cheer Level 2 Rules. Coaches will be notified of this type of division change PRIOR to competition.


JAMZ reserves the right to combine/delete divisions based on participation. Coaches will be notified of this type of division change PRIOR to competition.


Coed Show Cheer Divisions Splits
JAMZ will only split the Coed Show Cheer divisions into "Small" and "Large" divisions when there are at least two teams that will ultimately be registered in each respective division
**Coed is 2 or more males - If you have 1 male you are still considered all girl   

  • Small Coed 2-4 males       
  • Large Coed 5+ males       

School Dance Division Splits
If there are ten (10) or more teams in a division, JAMZ reserves the right to split first by "Small" and "Large" by the natural break then by Coed then by all male if additional splits are needed
Teams/athletes cannot compete against themselves? in this instance a mandatory split would occur.


Yes, teams are allowed to compete in a second category for FREE. However, teams are NOT allowed to compete in the SAME CATEGORY twice. The second category MUST contain at least 70% of the SAME participants as the first category and no added participants. FREE second performances may not be added after the on-time registration deadline. No exceptions.
Important Note: JAMZ Cannot guarantee more than 20 minutes between team's 1st and 2nd performance times.


Registered Coaches of teams are allowed to question/lodge a complaint regarding the age and/or eligibility of another team’s athlete. The request to verify or check the age or eligibility of another team must occur before the close of the competition day. No verification of the athlete will occur between the “POINT OF NO RETURN” and the team’s performance on the competition floor. However, a team may be questioned regarding their athlete’s eligibility either before the “POINT OF NO RETURN” and after a team’s performance. Only registered coaches of a team may lodge a complaint against another team regarding age/eligibility. The team lodging the complaint is REQUIRED to present proof of their team’s age and eligibility at the time they are lodging a complaint against another team. Only JAMZ event officials may question or investigate a team’s eligibility. All teams should have proper unaltered and clear copies of the birth certificates or government issued IDs of ALL athletes that are on the roster present at ALL JAMZ COMPETITIONS. Failure to have such identification and/or proof of age could lead to a team’s disqualification. All complaints regarding age or eligibility should be lodged with the event director before the close of the competition day.


Registered coaches of a team may request a review of another teams Level Rules, Dance Rules or General Safety Rules violations only within 24 hours of the completion of the competition day. A rival team MAY NOT request the review of another team’s routine for execution point deductions because those deductions are based on the human eye and are not reviewable for adding additional deductions not viewed live.

Registered coaches may request a review of their own team’s execution point deductions/rules violations up to 24 hours after the completion of the competition. However, please be aware any review of your point deductions/rules violations may result in your team being awarded additional violations that were not viewed during the “live” performance if the video review discovers deductions not originally placed on your team.

If the awards ceremony has already been completed and a team is given additional Level Rules violations, Dance Rule Violations or General Safety Rules violations based upon a lodged complaint within 24 hours of the close of the competition day then placements of teams may be altered ONLY if it effects the top three teams in a division. Nevertheless, JAMZ will not strip any team of a National Championship or top three placement once it has been awarded on stage, but instead reward dual placements or Co-National Champions to teams in that division.

These rules violations/point deductions review complaints must be lodged within 24 hours of the completion on the competition day. All complaints should be lodged with the event director or by emailing within 24 hours of the close of a competition day.

Please note: Coaches must refer to the School Cheer Routine Guidelines, General Safety Rules, Glossary, Penalty Info and Scoring sections for further requirements. JAMZ rules, regulations and levels are in compliance with the AACCA and NHSF guidelines and safety regulations. For further clarification regarding these rules please see AACCA rules at


Teams with illegal participant(s) will be disqualified. Reasons for disqualification include but are not limited to inappropriate choreography/music (at the discretion of a JAMZ official), severe demonstrations of unsportsmanlike conduct, overage participant(s), more or less participants than allowed on the floor, participant(s) not listed on official league roster, and/or illegal participant(s) listed on official league roster. If a team is found with unregistered participants, the team will be disqualified. Teams registering and performing in incorrect divisions will be disqualified.


Youth teams are required to follow their league rules and guidelines in addition to the JAMZ Youth General Rules. These rules and guidelines have been developed from JAMZ youth programs across the country and the Youth Cheer & Dance Alliance - YCADA. The JAMZ Youth General Rules are of a general nature and are not intended to cover all circumstances. JAMZ American Spirit Connection Inc. makes no warranties either expressed or implied that the JAMZ Youth General Rules will prevent injuries to individual participants.


At any time during a competition a coach, music representative, or injured athlete themselves may stop a routine due to an injury on the floor. JAMZ competition and safety officials may also at anytime stop a routine due to an injury on the floor that may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability of the athletes to hold, support, spot or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if an athlete is clearly injured, if an athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within seconds of questionable injury, or if an athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury. In the event that a routine is interrupted due to injury, it will be at the Competition Officials’ discretion whether or not that team will be allowed to perform again at a later time. If a team is allowed to perform again, they will have to perform the second routine "full out" and be judged from the time music error happened until finish of routine.


JAMZ will release a Preliminary line up two Tuesdays prior to the event.

Draft Schedule will be released by the Wednesday prior to the event. You will then have 24hrs to make any changes.

Final Schedule will be released the Friday prior to the event.

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