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  1. You'll be asked to Create an Account.

  2. Select: TEAMS & ROSTERS icon on the Dashboard then DOWNLOAD CSV (if you have a large amount of athletes) or ADD NEW (if you have a small team or just need to add a few).

  3. You will first ADD ALL ATHLETES AND COACHES in your organization. Don’t be shocked! Coaches will be asked your date of birth because any underage coaches must have parent E-signature (same as athletes). If you have 4 teams (Example: Junior Pee Wee, Pee Wee, Varsity, JV, Mini, Tiny, Senior, Junior etc.), don’t worry about associating each person with a team YET – that happens later.

    You also have the option of downloading an Excel Spreadsheet (.CSV file) and filling in names and birth dates in the columns shown – then dragging into the system. Look for the icon in the upper right corner of the web page that says IMPORT CSV FILE. It is very important NOT to change any columns or headers in our CSV or it will not work. (If you already have all your athletes names in an excel file, this is a much quicker option. You can just copy and paste the appropriate information into CSV columns.)

  4. Now you will select TEAMS and click ADD NEW to create each new team and assign athletes to the teams until you have all of your teams created.

  5. Next Select: REGISTRATION. In the REGISTER FOR EVENT drop down, select CHAMPIONSHIP, then the EVENT, then your TEAM TYPE (Youth, School, All Star). Enter your Invitational code if your event has one.

  6. Next you will select the TEAM you are registering for the event. When you select this drop-down box it will list all of the teams you just set up in step 4.

  7. Now you will SELECT A DIVISION & CATEGORY in which your team will compete. Verify your selection and select Save and Add More (to add more teams) OR Save and View Summary (if this is the last team you are registering). If your division is not showing up, check your ages. Someone is not age appropriate.

  8. Next you will SAVE – ADD ANOTHER TEAM or SAVE – VIEW SUMMARY. (SAVE AND VIEW SUMMARY if you are ready to pay.)

  9. Now you can PAY FOR THE EVENT.  You will now select PAY NOW and select a payment method.
    Mail in check – print invoice and mail with the check (no personal checks).
    Echeck – enter all of your checking account information (no personal checks) and submit.
    Credit Card – enter all of your credit card information and submit.

  10. After you have submitted your registration you will receive a confirmation email that will show your roster, your category, division and level picked and your payment information. Please verify that you have entered everything correctly!

  11. AGREEMENT OF COMPLIANCE - You will then receive a link to forward to each of your parents. They will need to e-sign a waiver (Agreement of Compliance) allowing their child to compete. You can verify that they have completed this step by logging into your online account and going to TEAMS AND ROSTERS. Red X is not signed, a Green check is signed.

    You will not be able to check in your teams at Coach Check In until all of these are signed.
    You will receive an email every other day notifying you of missing athletes signatures.

Note: As you register for future JAMZ events, you will not need to re-input your team roster or ask your parents to fill out the waiver.  All of that information is stored in your account.

You may make changes to teams before you register for a new event, or make them at the event level if they are already registered. Just go to your dashboard and click MAKE A CHANGE.

Need help? Click here to read FAQs about How to Register

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