All Star Championship Guide


These guidelines apply to all All Star Cheer & Dance divisions.

TO COMPETE IN a "All star" division teams must:

  • Teams must register through USASF. Teams must provide an updated Official Team Roster including any changes to the team (Drops or Adds). Only the names listed on the USASF Official Team Roster will be allowed to compete at championships including Nationals.
  • All Star divisions are determined by the age of oldest team member.


As a member of the USASF, JAMZ Cheer and Dance helps buide and incorportate the guidelines set forth by the USASF (U.S. All-Star Federation). JAMZ is proud to help standardize divisions and rules for All Star communities across the nation.


JAMZ policy has always been that all teams should comply with US copyright laws. All Star teams should ensure that all their music complies with US copyright and Licensing laws and comply with USASF sanctioning standards on copyright and music licensing.

JAMZ will not require any teams to use any specific music provider or producer but it is up to the individual teams to ensure their compliance. Therefore any questions regarding compliance should be referred to your music provider, music producer, or proper relevant legal counsel. JAMZ is not a music rights holder and therefore teams should ensure their compliance with all US Copyright laws to prevent inquiry from license and copyright holders.

When in doubt about copyright law or what may be considered copyright infringement, it is recommended that members seek legal advice pertaining to their specific situation.


Levels have been created to provide safety and convenience for teams who may perform at a different skill level than others. Coaches must consider tumbling and stunting abilities when choosing the level in which their team will perform. Please see the entire USASF All-Star cheer limitations for each level.


ALL COACHES AND ADVISORS should be aware that level rules, dance rules and general safety violations are judged live by the USASF rules judges and safety judge on site during a live competition. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a rules judge to 100% detect all violations during a competition day just as it is impossible for officials/referees to detect all violations in other sports. Just because a team has attended a prior JAMZ event, competition, Nationals, regional, or camp and that team’s skills or routine received no deductions does not mean that the routine is LEGAL or violation free for that Division or Level. The ONLY way a team can GUARANTEE that their routine is Level Rules, Dance Rules or Safety Rules Violation Free is to email their skills or routines to and ask for a rules determination. JAMZ WILL NOT withdraw any rules violations at a present event because a rules judge at a prior competition, regional, championship, camp or event failed to detect or discover the violation at the previous event. It is the responsibility of ALL Coaches to ensure their routines are free of Level and Safety Rules Violations and the only way to accomplish such is by emailing their skills and/or routine to for a rules determination.


Cheer: Please be aware that all JAMZ Divisions and Levels are created to allow for proper progression in the learning of cheerleading skills, stunts, tosses, pyramids, dismounts, inversions, release moves, tumbling, and jumps. Nevertheless, some divisions allow skills that may allow for advanced progression over the previous level or division. Coaches and advisors should only have cheerleaders perform skills that they have mastered through proper progression and
practice even though a division or level may allow a skill that is more advanced than the capabilities of the cheerleader or group.

Dance: JAMZ dance divisions and categories allow for progression within skills, choreography and tricks. Coaches and advisors should only have dancers perform skills that they have mastered through proper progression and practice even though a division and/or category may allow a skill that is more advanced than the capabilities of an individual or group.


JAMZ RESERVES THE RIGHT TO COMBINE/DELETE DIVISIONS BASED ON PARTICIPATION. All divisions listed are not available at every Regional Championship. For the divisions offered for each event, please visit (Note: there are additional separate registration forms for Six Flags events.)

cross competitors

Cross Competitors; Due to unforeseen circumstances*the alter the original schedule at an event, a cross competitor(s) may not receive a full 20 minutes between performances. (*Injury, team dropping or moving to another division due to coach error that would have resulted in DQ)

division II

JAMZ will be offering Division II (Small Gym) divisions at JAMZ All Star Nationals and Southern California Cup Challenge in 2017. Division II divisions will not be offered at any other JAMZ event.

schedule of events

JAMZ will release a Preliminary line up two Tuesdays prior to the event.

Draft Schedule will be released by the Wednesday prior to the event. You will then have 24hrs to make any changes.

Final Schedule will be released the Friday prior to the event.


At any time during a competition a coach, music representative, or injured athlete themselves may stop a routine due to an injury on the floor. JAMZ competition and safety officials may also at anytime stop a routine due to an injury on the floor that may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability of the athletes to hold, support, spot or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if an athlete is clearly injured, if an athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within seconds of questionable injury, or if an athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury. In the event that a routine is interrupted due to injury, it will be at the Competition Officials’ discretion whether or not that team will be allowed to perform again at a later time. If a team is allowed to perform again, they will have to perform the second routine "full out" and be judged from the time music error happened until finish of routine.

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