All Star Championship Guide

Music Required - Time limit: 2:30


Performance using music, cheer or any combination thereof. Music is required in this category. Formal entrances are prohibited (i.e. crowd response chants or cheers, choreographed marching, or stunts). A quick team huddle off the competition surface prior to performance is allowed. Spirited entrances are allowed; teams should take no longer than 10 seconds to set for their routine.


Mascot Performance Youngest Cheerleaders Unlimited 1:30
Special Needs Performance* Any age Unlimited 2:30

**The Special Needs Division will be a non-ranking category at all competitions, including JAMZ All-star Nationals. At the All-Star Nationals, Special Needs Teams will receive participation medallions. Special Needs teams are limited to Level 2 skills.

USASF All Star Cheer Divisions for 2017-2018

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